The Home offers an on-grounds school accredited by the Indiana State Department of Education. Students may attend this school  full-time, the Lebanon Public Schools full-time or some may divide their time between the two. Tutoring is available to each student.
 Credits earned at the on-grounds school transfer to any public school in the State.


 Day School


 The Day School is available as an extension of the Home’s accredited educational program. Through these services, the Home is able
 to reach out to “at risk” students in the Lebanon area. Youth in the Day School Program are typically experiencing  significant academic and/or behavioral difficulties in the public school setting and may also be demonstrating behavioral difficulties at  home. Students attend the on-grounds school during the day and return to their own homes at night.


 To learn more about the Home's educational program, please contact Principal Jim Stuart at or phone 765-482-5900.





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